Download (THE BEST) Cardi B -Thru Your Phone (Response) Lyrics

(THE BEST) Cardi B -Thru Your Phone (Response) Lyrics

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Published: 08 April 2018

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See that’s the problem with your ass now
Over simple shit you want to flip out
Any little thing that your bitches say
You want to be quick to jump in my face
Now I fuck around and I spaz out
Throw a right hook knock your lights out
Leaving bruises all on your damn face
You wanna call the crackas make me catch a case
Bet that’s the shit that your ass wish
But mama never ever raised a bitch
And you want to talk about my Niggas
Keywords (MY NIGGAS)
So I guess this the end (huh)
Now you want to hear the truth (huh)
I’ma tell you my mistakes
And what you did to put icing on the cake (huh)
And your whole click of friends
I done ran through each and one of them
And Tammy scratch the porshe cause I wouldn’t leave you
And Kia bust the windows up out the rover
And your Besty too
(Yes bitch) Sammy too!
Spent the night we were raw dogging in the bathroom
While you were knocked out in the bedroom (uhh)
Every thought that you thought about
It was 10x then you could think about
I was real with you from the get go
But you fucked up turned my heart cold...


That night you flipped out and took the vette
They seen you ridin around with offset
That night my heart turned super cold
I’m like naw bitch you finna pay ho
I seen the messages
I seen the missed calls
I seen the ShadeRoom and TMZ
They was bugging out
They were posting it
They were sharing it
They were loving it
Then every night I got to hear you lying saying damn baby I love you
I’ma hit the booth and make a song for you
And I’m looking like make a song for who?
I should of left you in the strip club
Should’ve never ever put you on
Should’ve walked away when you walked up
But that ass though had me fucked up
When I got the pussy I was gassed up
My Niggas told me I done lucked up
But Nicki told me I done fucked up
But when you done pass her here bro
Now you’re making songs like you’re innocent
Man let me put my little two cents
Ma’am make a song where you admit
Or better yet girl cut the bullshit...