Download Juice WRLD - HeMotions [285 Hz Energy, Safety, Survival]

Juice WRLD - HeMotions [285 Hz Energy, Safety, Survival]

Duration: 03:08

Size: 4.3 MB

Published: 30 Juni 2020

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This version of the song(285 Hz) is played at a different frequency than it is on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. (440 Hz)

285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency influences energy fields and helps in developing a strong positive energy field around you. Some people call it positive vibe, an aura... and 285 hz can help in body tissue regeneration and healing the broken tissues rapidly. Its like a sound massage for your body and mind. It will relieve Stress and helps in supporting body's natural mechanism to heal itself.

285Hz Benefits
✔ Heals and Regenerates Tissues.
✔ Restructures damaged organs by sending message to Tissues and bringing them to original form.
✔Influences the energy field around you.
✔ Rapidly heals burns, fracture, sprain, cuts and other injuries.
✔ Enhances the immune system.

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