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The Truth About Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder

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Published: 25 Mei 2020

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There isn’t a more soothing baritone voice than Eddie Vedder’s. The Pearl Jam frontman has sung some of grunge music's most signature singles and has even successfully lent his vocals to other genres of music.

The legendary musician and his band Pearl Jam are arguably the most influential band of the '90s. He is also one of the few rock frontmen that has managed to avoid destroying his life with mind-altering substances.

But Vedder has faced his fair share of obstacles and struggles in his life. Behind his smooth vocals lies a life filled with hardship and loss. This is the truth of Eddie Vedder.

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Rough childhood | 0:00
Music was his lifeline | 1:24
Great-grandma Pearl | 2:19
Activism | 3:13
Stalking Eddie Vedder | 4:49
Family life | 5:51
Returning a life-saving favor | 6:40
Avoiding drugs | 7:47
Honoring past band members | 8:50
Hitting the waves | 9:53

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