Download American Horror Story: DOUBLE FEATURE Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown

American Horror Story: DOUBLE FEATURE Episode 1 & 2 Breakdown

Duration: 41:49

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Published: 27 Agustus 2021

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American Horror Story is back! Greg and Ryan break down the first two episodes of AHS Double Feature. The start of Season 10 looks promising as the Gardners move into Provincetown in order to escape the city and get some work done. Unfortunately, things aren't what they seem to be in P-Town.

We're quickly introduced to some blood-suckers, an epic Sarah Paulson performance in Tuberculosis Karen, some very scary pale people and much more. Harry Gardner is a conflicted writer that's having trouble working on his next big project. After a bit of peer pressure, he decides to take a mysterious pill that has a whole lot of unwanted side effects.

Greg and Ryan discuss the two-part opener's biggest moments and details you may have missed. Make sure you stick around every week for Episode breakdowns and more. Let us know your thoughts about the season in the comments below!

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