Download Get A Manicure From Cardi B's Nail Artist!

Get A Manicure From Cardi B's Nail Artist!

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Published: 22 Januari 2020

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How to get nails like Cardi B? Pay her nail artist, Jenny Bui AKA 'The Queen of Bling,' a visit. Glam Lab heads to Cardi B's hometown to sit down with Jenny at her salon in the Bronx. You can't help but feel like a celebrity yourself as you step into Jenny's private room in the back of her salon. The place is covered in crystals from floor to ceiling. What makes the experience even more unforgettable is hearing her detail the unfathomable conditions she endured as a child trying to flee Cambodia and escape the Khmer Rouge regime. Her relentless spirit, independence, and hard work ethic helped her become one of the most sought after nail artists in the world.

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