Download It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Take 6) - Collaboration with JB Craipeau

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Take 6) - Collaboration with JB Craipeau

Duration: 03:01

Size: 4.14 MB

Published: 25 Desember 2010

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Maybe JB and I were feeling a bit too Christmasy because we decided to tackle something really ambitious. Not only did we attempt this very difficult chart, but we started with only a day until Christmas! This Take 6 chart was arranged by Cedric Dent. With less than 24 hours until Christmas, and slightly more (in Canada), I started recording Alto, Tenor 1 and Tenor 2 (melody). Although it would've been 100x easier to record them with Jean's soprano or bass to soon follow, we could only do what our time frame allowed. I worked on it nonstop until Jean woke up when I just barely finished. At this point (about 3 am) I started sleeping and Jean recorded. When I woke up Jean had just finished a premix. What an excellent surprise to wake up to, a half finished song was now complete! With our busy days Jean managed to mix the audio for the project. I was busy with family things until 2am, but finished the video by 7am. Here I am 4 hours later uploading, 11am. We wanted to get it finished by Christmas and it's already 6pm in France, and I don't want to disappoint JB!

There are a few places where the vocals are clearly not flawless, but there is absolutely no pitch correction/autotune/melodyne on this recording. I can vouch for Jean's super-smooth soprano as well as his vocal fry'd bass after a 5 hour sleep.

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Audio Mixing by JB Craipeau
Video Editing by Danny Fong

Soprano - JB
Alto - Me
Tenor1 - Me
Tenor2 - Me
Barytone - JB
Basse - JB