Download How Many POP Singers Do You Know | From EASY to HARD

How Many POP Singers Do You Know | From EASY to HARD

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Published: 14 Desember 2020

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How Many Pop Singers Do You Know Challenge
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Do you think you could name all of these pop singers?

In this quiz, we are going to test how many pop singers you know. You have to be quick and you have to think fast. This is a great exercise for your mind to help you with memory recall, which is what everyone uses throughout your entire day without even knowing that you are.

You will see the face of a singer and you must quickly come up with that person's name before the timer runs out. It will start off easy with pop singers that everyone should know, and then slowly gets harder as the video plays. You will only 5 quick seconds to think before the timer goes off.

How To Play: We’ll show you a photo of a famous pop singer, and before the 5-second timer goes off, you must quickly guess the name of that singer.

The difficulty levels have been created in order of relevancy and current popularity. Although some of the signers in either category might be very well known, they have been put into a difficulty level based on whether or not they have put out any new material over the past decade. No disrespect was intended when placing signers into any of the difficulty levels. I have a love and respect for their talent for all of them.

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