Download Starting Over Again - Natalie Cole (Piano Karaoke)

Starting Over Again - Natalie Cole (Piano Karaoke)

Duration: 04:53

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Published: 10 Agustus 2021

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Piano karaoke and backing track for Natalie Cole's hit song "Starting Over Again".

If you're watching my videos for the first time, I'm KaraoKeysPH. I make piano karaoke versions of popular songs on Youtube.

These piano instrumentals can be used for any occasion. Whether you want to create a soulful cover on Youtube, show off your voice in a singing contest or have a solo concert in your own bathroom, you'll find that KaraoKeysPH has the sound that will let your voice SHINE.

Your performance will soar with a backtrack of an all-acoustic accompaniment and achieve that slow, stripped-down feel to your covers.

So try it out! Sing to it on Youtube, use it for practice sessions or to create demos. Don't forget to use the hashtag #KaraoKeysPH and show everyone how you can SING IT ON KEY!

Feel free to use this, but please credit me. To credit, simply put in the description of your video: "Music by KaraoKeysPH" and put the link of this video as well.

I do not own this song. Credits to the owner!

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