Download XXXTentacion Lofi Remixes | in 432Hz

XXXTentacion Lofi Remixes | in 432Hz

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Published: 23 Maret 2021

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1 Hour Chill Mix of XXXTentacion Lofi Remixes | Songs in 432Hz (Couple of Shilow Destiny Tracks for good measure)

00:00 Dance with me and I'll Sing to you...
02:35 Difference
05:04 Tell me why i'm waiting
06:54 Fuck Love [prod. Tandye]
09:16 Hope
11:25 Jocelyn Flores
15:36 Everybody Dies in their Nightmares [Reigh Lofi Remake]
18:16 Fuck Pain
21:53 Take A Step Back [feat. Ski Mask Tha Slump God]
24:48 Before I Fall
27:37 In The End (Havoli Lofi Remix)
30:32 Jocelyn Flores (wados lofi remix)
34:48 Hope (Munch Lofi Trap Remixx)
37:20 everybody dies in their nightmares (instrumental)
38:58 love yourself [lofi remix by wavydakidd]
40:52 Sad Beat
43:21 Ex Bitch [Prod. Staggr]
45:55 Changes
48:32 Dead Inside (Haski Remix)
50:54 Love Yourself (Slowed + reverb_
53:12 Jocelyn Flores [prod 2upli)
57:38 Uh Oh, Thots [feat. Trippie Redd]

Why Music in 432 Hz? 🪔

In the 21st Century, Humanity is more anxious and stressed-out than ever before. 🌎

Tougher business competition and school systems, global pandemics, and all the other kind of s**t that happens on a daily basis make it difficult for most ordinary people just to stay afloat. 😢

Humans were made to be in contact with Nature on a Daily Basis and live with Creation in Harmony.
That is impossible for many since we live in cities and work in cubicles. The least we can do is listen to music tuned to the natural frequencies. 🌸

432Hz Music is that kind of solution, especially when paired with Lofi Hip Hop Beats. Because basically, 432 Hz is Organic and 440 Hz is GMO Monsanto. 🌱

Additionally, Lofi Beats are great to listen to in the background, which helps one to stay in contact with these calming and relaxing frequencies throughout the day. 😋

Nikola Tesla famously said, "If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration." 🌊

Actually, it's just different names of the same thing. Different sides of the same Coin. 📀

In the Yogic Inner Sciences, Energy is known as having a Sound (Mantra) and Form (Yantra) attached to it. You could say that every Energy can be expressed as a Form or a Sound. 🧘‍♀️

Often referred to as Sacred Geometry or Fibonacci's Golden Ratio, our Universe and therefore You are a manifestation of a Divine Mathematics Harmony that perpetuates throughout every Form and Sound. 🌌

You are a Frequency. Therefore if you want to Harmonious Things to take Shape (Forms) in your life you should listen to Harmonious Sounds (Frequencies), right? 🤔

By listening to Music in a Frequency that is Mathematically (more) in Tune with all other Forms of Life in this Universe, you will be more peaceful, restful, and joyful off and by your own Inner Nature. 🌈

⚠ WARNING: After some time you might not want to listen to anything else than Mathematically Correctly Tuned Music. ⚠

TL;DR: Basically, 432 Hz is Organic 🌼 and 440 Hz is GMO Monsanto 🥀 Join the Discord Channel: 🤏