Download Britney Spears - Go Call The Governor Megamix (2021)

Britney Spears - Go Call The Governor Megamix (2021)

Duration: 40:16

Size: 55.3 MB

Published: 07 Juli 2021

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It's been a while
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting
But I'm here now

0:00 intro / toxic
2:43 the beat goes on / the hook up
4:06 baby one more time
4:56 oops i did it again
6:07 overprotected / bombastic love / media
7:34 what its like to be me
7:54 crazy / boys (album versions)
8:48 outrageous
9:43 toms diner / pretty girls
10:19 stronger / lonely
11:40 criminal
12:43 i've just begun
13:45 coupure électrique / lace and leather
14:47 alien / everytime / paparazzi & freebritney movement
16:23 gimme more / slave 4 u
17:50 my prerogative / don't go knocking on my door
19:03 breath on me
19:55 get naked / circus
20:46 break the ice / toy soldier
22:09 me against the music
24:02 do u wanna come over? / piece of me
25:47 change your mind / (drop dead) beautiful
27:38 radar / work bitch
29:17 scream and shout
30:46 ooh la la / big fat bass
31:16 i wanna go
31:54 brave new girl
33:00 3
34:48 if you seek amy
35:18 freakshow
36:09 hold it against me / till the world ends
38:33 womanizer

I know it's been a while but I'm glad you came to watch this video. By who? Who is iiit? It's Britney B*tch!

I had a very hard time creating this, because I didn't have a lot of stems from her earlier hits and overall for some reason, making a Britney mix is hard. This made creating fluent transitions a bit harder. She also doesn't have a lot of good live registrations (I think). Hence why it took so long. After months I just had to accept that with the tools I had available, this would be the best I can do :( Anyway, still hope the fans will like it.

With this mix I wanted to take a moment to honor her fandom. Because of them, her case is now taken seriously. So the Alien Everytime part is for you guys. I hope this video shows how big of a super star this woman is. Hope to see you on the next one.