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Knowsee - Nas x Surviving the Times (Freestyle) #OneMinuteRaps

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Published: 10 April 2021

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Week 12 of the "One Minute Rap" series
*Instrumental: Nas - Surviving the times

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____________________________LYRICS BELOW___________________________

"I was young,
I was surviving the times

Sonic route 44 cherry soda with lime

Post 9/11 sweatin I was Peakin the blinds
Rewind to the tree, joint and the weed that I grind

Coast free with the wind like the rhythm of chimes

17 met coke
slam colt 45 followed by 40 lines
then I’m thinkin to drive

Nick had the script
bag packed with foil
roll pen for the black in the ride

The window tint a little thicker couldn’t see us inside

I nod head but the gleam in my eye
will read different

Didn't matter the pigment me and my bro was gettin loaded
we wild and ignant

Never switch on the ones that stay by your side
Cause you know the road is gettin lonely when your goin to die

My Grandpa Ryan lookin down
What a blessin he the spirit
help my mom when she cry

Strong woman wipe the tear from your eye

We been dealin with this shit
its really hard to explain

But it don’t effect the drive
I'm hydroplaning through the rain

Vibration in my Brian
I've been euphoric with the recall

When I spit up on a beat
the rush is givin me a free fall..

So now I’m out until next Friday when I see y’all

12 down, plenty to go
I’m on a —"

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