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The movie Free Guy has premiered here, and I noticed some, not all, but some easter eggs, in no particular order, that you may or MAY NOT have missed. From streamers, to cameos, stay with me.

So, let’s talk about every gaming streamer cameo in this movie: First, hard to miss Jacksepticeye in there.
Then, there is Pokimane
Following her is popular fortnite streamer ninja
And surprise cameo from Dantdm himself
As well as Lazarbeam
Now, concerning the streamers in this movie, there is a point in time where the streamers make viral videos talking about Guy and how he could be the world’s first artificial intelligence. Specifically Dantdm and Jacksepticeye make videos about the theory, but the dates that both videos were launched were December 11th for Jacksepticeye and July 3rd for Dantdm. Both talking about the same theory, 8 months apart. I don’t know if that is a movie mistake or if that means that the Free Guy movie takes place over an eight month period, I think it’s a mistake, but let me know what you think.
Earlier in the film, when Guy is looking at his balance in the atm, a harvester bot from terminator salvation graces over the background of the screen, which makes sense considering both Free Guy and the terminator brand are both made by 20th century studios.
Now, in one of the first scenes of the film, the guy that gives Millie’s character in the game the safehouse location, he is wearing the batman gloves; and you can tell by the three spikes from the gloves.
When Guy and Millie escape from the safehouse, they actually fly away on a fortnite glider.
The next big cameo in the film is Channing Tatum, who plays the best game character in Free City
Now, the guy playing the Channing Tatum character has a room full of easter eggs. First, he has an avengers infinity war poster.
Then a Rick and morty poster
Followed by a Deadpool 1 poster
And on his desk he has a Jack Skellington action figure
That sits next to a toad figure from mario.
At Millie’s apartment, she has a drawing pasted on the wall with a kid playing with a robot, that robot being the iron giant
Now, in the fight with dude Guy uses a Luke lightsaber coupled with the main theme from star wars
Guy also uses the hulk hand against dude
Guy uses the captain america shield with the avengers theme playing in the background
When he does use the shield Chris Evans makes a brief cameo with a suggestive comment on the situation
Following that, Guy uses the blue gravity gun from half life
To help defeat dude the portal gun from half life is also used
Lastly, he uses the rainbow smash pickaxe from fortnite to bring down a striking blow on Dude
Not only that, but I’m not sure when guy uses it, but I remember him using a mega man gun
Now, when Keys is in the middle of the office, there is a freddy krueger stuffy sitting on the glass.
In that same room, there is one wide shot that shows that there are board games like battleship primarily that are on the very top shelf, collecting dust, and completely out of reach which is symbolism for the fact that these guys are so invested in the game, that why should they care about the board games?
When we visit Guy’s collection, he actually has the piece of the rocket that the astronauts use to crash into the ocean when returning to Earth, the piece has an American and Canadian flag on it, which is in reference to the fact that Ryan Reynolds, who plays Guy, actually has an American and Canadian citizenship.
As well, there is the Scorpion halo tank that showed up a few times
And as well there is another halo easter egg with the halo car called the warthog.
Also, the life itself game that keys and millie created, I’m pretty sure that is supposed to be heavily inspired by the ARK game

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