Download FIRST TIME WATCHING CANDYMAN (1992) | #HorrorBinge Reaction | šŸ˜± Oh dearā€¦this movieā€¦

FIRST TIME WATCHING CANDYMAN (1992) | #HorrorBinge Reaction | šŸ˜± Oh dearā€¦this movieā€¦

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Published: 19 Oktober 2021

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Twins and horror fans Kenya and Kendra react to THE CLASSIC ā€œCandymanā€ (1992) for the first time! Okay, that was INTENSE. Wow, Candyman is on a whole other level! This movie takes its time, which you donā€™t come by enough in this genre. Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen do an excellent job acting around some frankly bizarre and wild scenes! Ultimately, though, does it live up to the hype it got in our family growing up? Stick around after the reaction for our thoughts and rating of the movie! WARNING: WE GET REALLY BUCK, SO BRACE YOUR EARS HEADPHONE USERS. THIS! IS! NOT! A! QUIET! REACTION!

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